Published on Aug 23 2018

Hello world!

This is my first post. Edit or delete it, then I'll start writing!


Much like the idea of making your own personal website in 2018, having a personal blog is a pretty antiquated notion. With the dominance of social media, our content consumption has become centralized.

When I was growing up on the internet, you visited each of your favorite sources of content individually and check for updates. Check the timestamp of the last entry, try to remember if you had read it or not. You had to be an active participant in your content consumption. This led to being very selective about the people you chose to read. If you didn't want to want to see someone's opinion, you didn't have to.

But sharing of other people's content has always been a part of the internet from listservs to webrings to livejournal to facebook to twitter to tumblr. This sharing is great. It exposes you to things you might never have seen on your own. Sharing is the essential action of the modern intranet.

But while this sharing is important for our awareness, the lack of curation can lead to you seeing a lot of things you don't want to see. Passive content consumption isn't always healthy.


I didn't ask to see what Intercom liked

So, I'm bringing back the blog. If you want to see my (probably bad) thoughts on topics about the internet and outside the internet, stop by my blog! See if I made an update. The decision to have a blog on my site was inspired by some great bloggers like Ethan Marcotte, Trent Walton, Philip Walton, and Frank Chimero.

If you don't feel like checking my website for updates, you don't need to worry. I'm not a Luddite. I'll be sharing most of my posts on Twitter and Medium.